The Challenge of Securing Face-to-Face Meetings with Quality Buyers

In today’s fast-paced business world, the value of securing face-to-face meetings with quality buyers cannot be overstated. These meetings can be the key to forging strong business relationships, understanding client needs, and closing significant deals. However, suppliers often face a daunting challenge when trying to secure these crucial meetings.

It’s a journey filled with time, effort, numerous calls, and countless emails. In this blog, we will delve into the arduous process suppliers go through to secure face-to-face meetings and highlight the immense value these meetings bring.

The Pursuit of Quality Buyers

For suppliers, quality buyers are the holy grail. These are the potential clients who not only have a genuine need for the products or services but also possess the means to make substantial purchases. However, reaching these buyers is akin to navigating a labyrinth.

1. Time and Patience

The process of securing a meeting with a quality buyer is often time-consuming. Suppliers must first identify their target audience, conduct thorough research, and find the right contact person within the organisation. This initial stage alone can take weeks or even months.

2. Relentless Calls

Once the target is identified, the next step is to reach out. This often means making countless phone calls, leaving voicemails, and engaging in the delicate dance of follow-ups. Suppliers must be prepared for rejection, delays, and the need for persistence.

3. The Email Avalanche

Email is another tool in the arsenal of suppliers trying to secure face-to-face meetings. However, crafting compelling emails that stand out in a crowded inbox is an art in itself. Suppliers must strike a balance between being persuasive and respectful of the buyer’s time.

4. The Scheduling Challenge

Even after making headway, suppliers face the challenging task of aligning schedules with buyers who are often inundated with meetings and commitments, check out our recent blog The Challenges Faced by Buyers and Decision Makers When Sourcing Quality Suppliers´┐╝. This logistical hurdle can further delay the process.

The Invaluable Value of Face-to-Face Meetings

Despite the significant time and effort invested, securing face-to-face meetings with quality buyers remains a top priority for suppliers. The reason? The value these meetings bring to the table is immeasurable.

1. Building Trust

Face-to-face meetings allow suppliers to build trust with potential clients. It’s an opportunity to establish a personal connection, convey authenticity, and demonstrate a commitment to the client’s needs.

2. Understanding Needs

In-person interactions provide a deeper understanding of the buyer’s needs and pain points. Suppliers can ask questions, observe body language, and engage in meaningful conversations that lead to tailored solutions.

3. Showcasing Expertise

A face-to-face meeting is the ideal platform to showcase expertise. Suppliers can bring samples, demonstrate products, and offer solutions in real-time, which can leave a lasting impression on buyers.

4. Closing Deals

Ultimately, the most significant value of securing a face-to-face meeting is the potential to close deals that may have been elusive through other channels. In-person negotiations can be more persuasive, leading to faster decision-making.


Securing face-to-face meetings with quality buyers is undoubtedly a formidable task for suppliers. It demands time, relentless effort, a barrage of calls and emails, and a great deal of patience. However, the value that these meetings bring to the table is immeasurable. They offer the opportunity to build trust, understand needs, showcase expertise, and, most importantly, close deals. In the end, the effort expended in securing these meetings is well worth the rewards they can bring, making them an indispensable part of the supplier-buyer relationship. By attending a Platform event you can cut out the months of research, calls and emails and go direct to the relevant buyer, how much could that be worth to you and your organisation?